Relocation Expert

Having successfully sold real estate in Toronto and now in Vancouver, Elaine is your perfect East coast – West coast connection, specializing in helping people relocate between both cities.

There are notable differences between both cities regarding housing types, ownership considerations, legalities and how real estate is acquired and sold. Clients appreciate her insights in drawing similarities and differences between the two cities. For example, a 30 minute car commute could mean crossing 3 traffic lights in Toronto. While in Vancouver, you’re covering more distance and can get from downtown to the airport in Richmond for instance. Neighbourhood and lifestyle matches are other areas in which knowing both cities is essential in drawing parallels. Having in-depth knowledge on both cities certainly makes Elaine a cut above the rest.

Ask Elaine about her extensive list of business partners in each city to make your relocation experience top notch. If you’re considering making a move, ask Elaine.